Spitalfield's Christ Church

Spitalfield's Christ Church
Photo credit: Amanda Slater

The Nicholas Hawksmoor’s Christ Church was built between 1714 -1729.

Closed in 1956 this city landmark was saved from demolition and after vigorous campaigning from the poet Sir John Betjeman among others.

After decades of fundraising, Spitalfields Christ Church was restored to its pre-1850 condition, working from the original building documents where possible, a process that stretched over more than 25 years.

AATi supplied three different products including:

  1. Anti-slip stair nosings
  2. Ventilation grilles
  3. Cable access covers (bespoke)

AATi Cast metal anti-slip stair nosings for Spitalfields

All of these products were supplied in Cast Iron and complete with black zinc plating treatment. AATi worked very closely with Architects Dow Jones and also building contractor Coniston Ltd to design the exact product assembly components.

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