The company has developed its product range to encompass UK Building Regulations in modern stairway design, also focusing on uses outside the traditional markets; light rail, over-ground, station terminals and a wide range of commercial and architectural applications. All products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

An Unrivalled Product Offering

Functionally unsurpassed, all designs include a cast profile with encapsulated silicon carbide in the wearing surface. This ensures the pedestrian has the very best ant-slip foot contact on the stairway, both at initial contact and as full load is put on to, and is removed from the step.

Casting the profile means that product design features are not constrained by the extrusion process and therefore standard or bespoke features can be designed into a final product, often with the benefit of 3D CAD visualization.

These two facts above allow unique products to be developed with an architecturally functional and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Over 150 designs for different applications exist. Furthermore clients and their architects are encouraged to take part in this continuing research and design development procedure.

This flexibility has produced an unrivalled service and product range from AATi.

Direct and Ethical Supply Chain

Design and development is carried out in the UK based on the stringent requirements demanded by public and transport regulations in the UK and other parts of the EEC.

Manufacturing is only carried out in the UK to ensure that our demanding quality and repeatable standards are maintained. A secure and ethical supply chain is ensured, minimising external supply risk.

Saves Money

‘Whole of life’ product philosophy, the wide range of design in four different materials ensures there is a competitive and excellently matched product for every stairway application. Cost justification is easily made due to the relative longevity of AATi products, compared to competing extruded products. Depending on footfall levels, depreciation costs and allowances for refitting, result in AATi being the selected option time after time. Product selection must always take into consideration H & S, contractor issues, passenger disruption, and service downtime.


Taking into consideration statutory requirements and client design requirements, AATi has a stringent design philosophy; as inevitable wear takes place this only occurs in a non-catastrophic way ensuring that passenger safety is paramount. Many applications in the London area in particular are now showing our products being in place in high footfall areas for well over 40 years, but still functioning adequately despite heavy wear without creation of a trip hazard.

Company Pedigree

Products now made by AATi have been used in the UK Rail Sector for over 50 years. AATi was established in 1984 and is part of the FSE Group, specialists in a wide range of cast metal products. This is a privately owned organisation, and nominated supplier to Transport for London companies and Network Rail.