• Aluminium
  • Nickel Bronze
  • Gunmetal
  • Cast Iron
Product CodeSN9/55P
Dimensions55 x 55 x Length
SectorsBuilding Reg. Compliant, Retail, Hotel & Leisure, Arts, Restaurants & Bars, Public & Corporate Spaces, Heritage
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Stair Nosing

  • Compliant to current regulations
  • High performance in wet and dry conditions
  • High wear resistance
  • Unique anti-slip silicon carbide

AATi type SN9/55P® Cast metal stair nosing with anti-slip silicon carbide granules cast into the metal matrix of the wearing surface. This product is part of the Heavy Duty London Transport (HDLT™®) product range.

Suitable for many applications including Public & Corporate spaces, Restaurants & Bars, Retail and Residential sectors. This product exhibits the same longevity and hard wearing/heavy duty characteristics as our larger profile nosings.

For internal or external stairways where safety is important in both wet and dry conditions.

Special Note: This nosing has been specially designed to comply with the current BS 8300 and Building Regulations. It combines the performance of our larger profiles with the economy of scale and proportion recommended in the aforementioned standards.

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