Here East at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The new AATi type SN9/65B anti-slip stair nosing

AATi developed a new product – SN9/65B for the novel Here East centre which will inhabit companies with like-minded innovative thinking. These enterprises push the boundaries of technology with their creativity expertise and vision. This inspired East London hub will accommodate organisations from all backgrounds no matter how large or small.

The new AATi type SN9/65B anti-slip stair nosing is a modification from an existing and well established design AATi type – SN9/55 which has been installed on thousands of stairs throughout the UK. The SN9/65B features a unique bevelled back edge and complies with current Building Regulations (document K) and eliminates the need to rebate the substrate to accept the nosing, therefore speeding up installation time.

Initial designs were produced using AATi’s rapid prototype machine (pictured below). Please speak to the AATi technical team for any cast metal anti-slip stair nosing requirements!

Photo credit: ludge G

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