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AATi Cast Metal Anti-slip Stair Nosings

New Year - new staircase?

Our technical department is on hand for anyone thinking of using our Cast Metal Anti-slip Stair Nosings for their project whether you’re looking to specify or procure directly.

Stair nosing selection will depend on several factors such as;

  • Anti-slip – AATi products achieve very high SRV (Slip Resistance Values) 40+ in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Adhering to regulations – Do you have to comply with local Building Regulations? AATi have numerous products that are tailored to meet the set guidelines in the aforementioned standards.
  • Technology – We use the latest technologies when designing new bespoke products and carrying out continuous improvements to existing products.
  • investment – AATi stair nosing products are cheaper when you consider whole of life costs, AATi products typically last 20+ years in high footfall locations such as the London Underground. It is often underestimated or ignored to include the costs of repeat repairs (materials and contractor costs), AATi stair nosings will outlast any other nosing on the market by far.

Other factors can include Functionality - are you looking to cover the entire going of each step or just the front edge or Aesthetics - what other finishes are adjacent to the nosing?

There are many options available so please contact us now for all stair nosing advice and recommendations!

Email: info@aati.co.uk OR Tel: 01376 346 278

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