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AATi antislip stair nosing installed in Knightsbridge

Barlow commercially perfected the design of Brunel’s TBM so the cost of the first Northern line LUL tunnels could be commercially justified. This laid the blueprint for the London Tube as we know it. Recently, AATi Ltd (formerly Antislip Antiwear Treads International), Essex-based UK manufacturer of the well-known high performance stairway products, has done the same. Their product at the King’s Cross Northern ticket hall bears this out.

AATi’s traditional diamond pattern stair nosing product line behind the well engineered, ventilated stair design at Knightsbridge LUL Station (top) has been redesigned by the AATi team into the pleasing and hard-wearing DDA anti-slip designs adopted widely over the LUL Tube and ‘superstations’ throughout the national rail network.

Winning one of the prestigious Future of Station Design Awards recently, AATi feel that they have succeeded in re-inventing the art of the cast stairway for high and low footfall traffic alike. Recent additions to the high footfall range include aluminium ‘Coverall’ range (which speaks for itself) for Network Rail applications and a low-cost ‘Commercial’ application range for flats, shops, and commercial premises, including station back-of-house. All with the unique AATi cast seal of approval we are seeing this product in its new guise popping up all over the Network and UK public infrastructure. For stairnosing now think beautiful UK engineering, think whole-of-life value for money, and think longevity and well spent use of public funds. If you prefer a more practical comparison, run up and down some of the old stairways across the country then treat yourself to an AATi ‘magic stairway’.

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