Tower of London

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is a large open air site covering 18 acres (including the moat). As well as being a unique historical monument, it also houses part of the collection of the Royal Armouries. The Tower of London is also home to some 150 people.

A medieval castle was designed to defend its inhabitants and to keep the lord and his household separate from other castle dwellers. In places it is as difficult to get around as it undoubtedly was during the Middle Ages.

The Tower has a large number of steps, many worn down and smoothed by age. Since the Tower is beside the river it can be cold and damp in the winter months, perfect conditions for creating slippery stair surfaces.

AATi is again the product of choice to ensure safety under foot and is currently supplying our Cast Nickel Bronze Antislip Insert Bars (ASB50/9). These will be recessed into the existing stairs giving a visually acceptable finish whilst having safety in mind... another jewel in the crown for AATi!

Photo Credit: Wjfox2005, User:Arpingstone

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