Superdry, Regent Street

Thanks to AATi’s facility to incorporate bespoke patterns within their stair nosings, Superdry customers are able to shop in safety.

Being both aesthetically pleasing and particular to the Superdry Stores the new tailor made nosing which AATi has designed still has the usual high safety, longevity and hard wearing characteristics known through some of their existing profiles.

Being an iconic store, Superdry needed a design which would stand out and with decades of expertise and a highly skilled inhouse design team, AATi were able to achieve this eccentric design put forward by Superdry.

In order to achieve the high standard of design for which AATi is known, the use of modern 3D CAD and 3D printing has been involved. Through using the aid of 3D CAD the designs have been made to a high standard with every millimetre calculated to perfection.

As well as this, our in-house pattern makers have been able to turn an individualised design into an artistic stair nosing whilst still ensuring that all safety regulations are still adhered to within the incorporation of the customer’s specific design. This design is just one example of exceptional engineering that can be achieved here at AATi.

Also part of our Group of companies, FSE Foundry cast many and various metal castings for building and engineering trades. They created a sleek design for a mannequin bracket was also used throughout the store, see pictures in below gallery. For more examples of their work please check out their website -

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