Heath Robinson Museum

Heath Robinson Museum
"The Professor's invention for peeling potatoes." by William Heath Robinson
SN30/60 cast Iron anti-slip stair nosing

William Heath Robinson also widely known as the ‘Gadget Man’ was famous for his humorous illustrations of absurdly complex machines in order to achieve the most simplest of tasks. In this day, to describe something as Heath Robinson-esque is to describe an invention or machine that is simultaneously ingenious, overly complicated and makeshift.

The Heath Robinson Museum opened in October 2016 after years of fund raising from The William Heath Robinson Trust. The museum exhibits a collection of nearly 1,000 original artwork books, photographs, film and other media.

Not quite as ingenious as his drawings however, AATi supplied the standard but robust SN30/60 cast Iron anti-slip stair nosing to the Museum located in Pinner Memorial Park close to where the artist worked and lived. These items were zinc plated to give a dark black finish and therefore, achieving a sufficient colour contrast with the surround step surface assuring building regulation compliance.

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