Epping Forest Museum

Surrounded by listed buildings dating back to the Georgian era, Epping Forest District Museum was by no means going to have an easy transformation.

AATi worked closely with Architects Hawkins Brown to design and develop a bespoke anti-slip floor plate taking into consideration the limitations of the existing buildings and regulation requirements. Together we cleverly modified an existing design to alleviate water ingress over the door threshold (pitcured below right). AATi provided a complete anti-slip solution for the threshold and carefully machined the castings from a template provided by Coniston.

AATi bespoke anti-slip floor plate
Nickel Bronze Handrails and Brackets
Epping Forest Museum

Also FSE Foundry (part of the FSE Group www.fsegroup.co.uk) supplied cast Nickel Bronze Handrails and Brackets to the museum (pictured middle above). For further FSE projects please visit www.fsefoundry.co.uk.

Photo Credit: Hawkins Brown

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