Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster was established in 2011 by 4 school friends from Moscow. The clue is in the name, this quirky Americanstyle diner serves exactly as it reads.

Burger & Lobster have numerous restaurants in London and has become a very popular place to eat. AATi have supplied 5 restaurants in and around the city of London with the nosing of choice - AATi type SN9/55 in cast Nickel Bronze.

This nosing has been designed around current Building Regulations and maintains a high level of slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions. Slip resistance is measured by PTV (pendulum test values), the Pendulum Test works by replicating a heel striking the floor surface and giving a surface roughness reading.

These readings are measured in PTV and the minimum requirement is 40 points in both wet and dry conditions. The SN9/55 in cast Nickel Bronze achieves PTV readings in excess of 58+ points in both wet and dry conditions.

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