• MMA Resin Base
Product CodeASD25
DimensionsØ25 x 7
SectorsBuilding Reg. Compliant, Retail, Hotel & Leisure, Arts, Restaurants & Bars, Public & Corporate Spaces, Heritage
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Anti-slip Inserts

  • High performance in wet and dry conditions
  • Anti-slip inserts available in a wide range of colours

AATi type ASD25/7 Carburaati™ Resin-based insert discs with anti-slip silicon carbide particles bonded into the foot contact surface. This product is part of the Carburatti™ product range.

For use on most types of stair and walkway surfaces, particularly smooth/polished wood, marble, stone, etc., which can be unacceptably slippery, particularly when wet.

The standard colour is black but other RAL colours are available. The finished colour required influences whether silicon carbide, aluminium oxide or quartz particles are used as the anti-slip ingredient.

Discs are supplied loose to be counter bored and bonded into stair or walkway surface (by others). A compatible bonding agent must be used (and can be supplied).

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