AATi’s Recycling and Sustainability Scheme

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AATi are now offering a stair nosing recycling scheme which reduces project carbon footprints and saves money.

Recycling scrap metal decreases the depletion of natural resources and avoids Green House Gas emissions that are produced due to primary mining and smelting activities.

Through not needing to source new metals and material for each project, AATi are able to cost projects competitively whilst maintaining its original high standard of hardwearing, functional and well-designed stair nosings.

How we can help?

Historically AATi are known for the longevity and hardwearing of their cast metal stair nosings. Recycling their old stair nosings makes it a more cost effective choice when selecting AATi products for your stairway.

Please contact a member of the AATi team for a valuation and current rates which are based on the London Metal Exchange (LME).

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