Greenford Station

Greenford Station

Greenford station has become the 67th step-free Tube station and recently has been proudly showing off its innovative new lift. The new incline lift is a first of its kind as it doesn’t travel straight up and down - it travels alongside the newly refurbished staircase and new escalator!

The incline lift has taken the place of the last wooden LU escalator, removed last year which has been an on-going task for London Underground since the King’s Cross fire back in 1987.

For the newly renovated staircase, AATi supplied the classic stair nosing combination for London Underground stairs; AATi type SN93/SL3R/140 to the intermediate steps and type SN93/SL3R/280 to all top/landing steps, all in Cast Nickel Bronze.

The new hard wearing AATi antislip stair nosings ensure passenger safety when entering and exiting the station, this is due to the unique encapsulated silicon carbide in the wearing surface. This ensures that pedestrian’s have the very best antislip foot contact on the stairway. These cast metal nosings achieve well over 40 SRV (Slip Resistance Value) points in both wet and dry conditions.

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