Canterbury West Station

Canterbury West Station stair nosings

Canterbury West’s Access For All (AFA) platform bridge boasts twin lift-shaft towers for the elderly, infirm, disabled and overloaded – and stairways with AATi stair nosings for the rest of us.

Network Rail’s nationwide initiative for high specification, durable AFA platform access bridges required AATi to supply re-engineered ‘Coverall’ combined stair nosing and step covers. These small design changes have again improved bridge construction techniques and the long-term performance of the stairway, and removed dirt-traps and improved drainage. AATi supplied their SN293 WL307 UR to fit the needs.

WEC Rail, fabrication specialists and now veterans of the AFA campaign, requested an AATi cast stair nosing with full stair coverage, rear underhand radius and matching internal nose radius with the fabricated steel step structure. Robin Oxborough, AATi commercial manager, said that a gradual improvement to the AATi bridge product range over the past two years has produced a highly sophisticated, architecturally sound and cost-effective stairway.

As for Canterbury Cathedral? If you have the time, have a look at the design and craftsmanship on the AD 1077 tower stone stairway. Magical! Aluminium AATi product may not last that long but the nickel bronze high performance range in the Tube and at major railway stations such as St.Pancras and King’s Cross just might. Call AATi in AD 2945?

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