Cannon Street Station

Having opened in 1866 and only having had a few adjustments made, Cannon Street Station was due an overhaul. In order to ensure that the safety of each passenger is always met, when refurbishing the stairs at Cannon Street they adopted the classic combination of AATi’s Heavy Duty nosings in Nickel Bronze, which feature across the London Underground Network - SN93/SL3/140 for intermediate steps and SN93/SL3/280 for top/landing steps. With slip resistance values ranging from 40-75 in both wet and dry conditions; it is obvious why these nosings are prevailing components in such high footfall applications.

As a main artery to the entry and exit of the great City of London, and with seven platforms, one having been removed in the 1980’s, many people will be traversing the station in order to get to their final destinations. With more than 400,000 passengers travelling through London at peak periods during a week, the stair nosings used at Cannon Street have to be hard wearing, safety assured and aesthetically pleasing to all those travelling through the station. AATi Ltd used its HDLT (Heavy Duty London Transport) design to ensure that all of these points would be met, with the emphasis being on commuter’s safety.

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