Blackfriars Station

AATi cast metal anti-sli pstair nosings for Blackfriars Station

As part of the Thameslink Programme, Blackfriars Station received a long overdue makeover, with so many changes taking place such as a new entrance, new ticket hall, new longer platforms and the Blackfriars rail bridge receiving a 21st century makeover, creating the first ever station to span the River Thames.

Blackfriars needs the safest stairs to cope with the huge volume of foot traffic passing through the station on a daily basis which is more than 40,000 passengers every day. The stair nosings used at Blackfriars Station are AATi’s SN93/SL3/280 in Nickel Bronze, and when you consider the whole of life cost, it presents considerable savings. Many stations in the London area in particular are now showing such products still being in place in high footfall areas for well over 40 years, but still functioning adequately despite heavy wear and still without the creation of a trip hazard.

With the high flow and volume of passengers in mind, AATi includes silicon carbide granules in the surface to ensure that the stair nosing remains slip free in both wet and dry conditions. AATi also follows the DDA requirements by having contrasting coloured abrasive inserts along the front edge of the nosing and continuous coloured line across the riser face; this ensures that the stair nosings are the safest they can be for any underground traveller.

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